Video Marketing: 6 dos and don’ts

While there are hundreds of ways to create effective video content for your marketing campaign there are just as many ways in which you can waste your marketing budget on video. The statistics show millions of people are accessing video content online every day but uploading any old video won’t give you the best chance of success.

Budgets for video production can easily overrun if you do not keep a lid on production times and costs. I have compiled a list of the dos and don’ts of creating video content for online marketing – make sure your videos are on the to-do list.


Think about what your customers need. Video marketing is the same as any other aspect of marketing – you need to consider your target audience and what they want, and then create content that meets the need. Create videos that people want to watch because they meet a need or desire – this could be the need to find out more about something in the news, to learn how to set up a piece of technology, or to discover how a product can make family life easier.

Create a series of videos and think about how to link video content together. You are more likely to increase engagement and interest when you produce a series of videos rather than separate, standalone videos. Producing a regular update video, a webinar series, or a set of linked product demonstrations using the same setup and branding not only creates interest but is cheaper and easier to put together.

Check your statistics. Once you’ve created a video and distributed it, don’t forget about it. Check how well it has done by looking at distribution statistics. Find out who viewed and for how long. Put together a report detailing your most successful videos so you can repeat the success in the future.


Waffle. Don’t clutter your website with videos of people talking about products or ideas without getting to the point. Plan your videos so your presenters are not filling their videos with ums and ahs and long silences while they think of what to say next. Similarly, don’t allow presenters to speed away with an enthusiastic spiel without considering how it comes across to the audience.

Put the boss on camera if she is not camera-ready. The boss is not always the best person to present your video. You need someone eloquent and entertaining on camera, no matter what they are like in real life. Choose the best person for the video and don’t assume that customers will only consider your video to be professional if it comes from the CEO.

Try to be funny if you’re really not that entertaining. Play to your strengths. It can be highly embarrassing when your video shows the executives at your company dancing, making jokes or otherwise trying to catch attention in a way which doesn’t fit with your company image. By all means be entertaining, but be careful with visual jokes and gimmicks.

One way to ensure your production works effectively is to remember what turns you off about videos online you have watched and don’t make the same mistakes in your production.

And remember….

Videos work best as marketing collateral when they are entertaining, informative, timely, and relevant. If you deliver poor quality and/or non relevant content you’re as likely to lose your intended audience before they settle down to watch. You also need a good distribution network that makes it easy for people to find and view your content. For more ideas and information, look at how skatta helps you put your videos online.




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