Scribblenauts Online: A Detailed Inside View

  • Nintendo players really liked the Scribblenauts Online game because it is full of hidden challenges that captivate the imagination of the users.  The funny game has dominated the IOS market and many people are using the application.
  • One can easily install the game and access up to 50 levels without any hassles. Step by step guide will help you to evaluate the different aspects of the interesting game.

Basic role guide:

  • You will be the main character Maxwell who will complete each level by getting a star or completing the specific task.
  • There is a tutorial mode through which it is possible to get trained on the game.  It is important to predict about the objects that will help to finish the game.
  • They can be typed by tapping on the screen or using the pencil icon.
  • Things which are written will immediately come to life and to accomplish the objectives combination of nouns as well as adjectives are used
  • More than 20,000 words are used in the app dictionary which can be used as suggestions.  By tapping on Maxwell, you are bound to make him move but the screen should be held in a tight position.
  • Character can easily drive the vehicles and different tools could be dragged to complete the levels.

Updates on IOS:

  • It is important to have the world pass because you would be playing all the levels of the games being released in the market.
  • Apart from 50 levels by default more than 40 levels have been introduced, therefore one should continuously update the version of the game.
  • Sometimes you might get bored by using Maxwell; therefore in such a scenario one can purchase the monster or the historical figures from the application store.
  • Scribble speak is one of the most important components of the game for Iphone 5 users because you can invoke the functionalities of the object through the voice signals.

Guide to the different world:

  • Prior to the starting of the game, it will difficult to solve the puzzle. You should think for the best ways to solve the puzzles.
  • If the first level is not being solved, it can be resolved by the using the axe to chop off the tree.
  • In the second level, you will contact chef, fireman, doctor and policeman. All the characters should be given the tools so that they can get on with their job.
  • Stethoscope for doctors and gun for the policeman are the ideal tools that would help them to accomplish the tasks.
  • The third level requires you to get the starite by creating a desk, black board, bookcase and the student.
  • The fourth level can be completed by making the tire and placing it near the vehicle.
  • For the sixth level, it is important to create a shovel and food that could be drawn using the Note pad.
  • There are many more requirements to complete the different stages of the game.


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