Promotional Marketing: Online Marketing Meets an Old Mainstay

Promotional marketing has come of age. Businesses today are realizing that giving away freebies is an excellent way to introduce their brands and make a sale. Here’s how your business can use it to attract new online customers.

Include Your Web Address

Don’t assume people have your web address. They probably don’t, unless you’re a household name. And, even if they have your business card, don’t assume people will go to your website. Always include it in all of your promotional materials and products to make it easier for prospects to find you.

Always Use Relevant Products

The type of promotional product you use will depend entirely on what you’re selling. If you’re selling tax preparation services, stress balls can be a great giveaway. If you’re selling games, custom playing cards are the way to go. If you sell cookware online, then consider giving away a nice looking wine stopper or cheese cutter.

Give Buyers An Incentive To Spend More

When people spend money with you, reward them for it. If people spend $50 with you in one purchase, maybe you could give them a free promotional gift, knock $10 percent off their total purchase price, or give them something else as a “thank you.”

Thank Your Affiliates

Don’t stop with thanking your customers. When affiliates are out there pushing your product hard, reward them for the sales. Thank your top affiliates with an upscale promotional gift, like a flat screen T.V. or a free weekend getaway trip, or something comparable.

Use Promotional Products In Contests

When you have a robust email list (and you should be working toward that end), you can use that list to run a contest for an expensive promotional product.

You’ve probably seen something like that done before, right? A company runs a contest, lots of people enter. Only one wins. But, they win a promotional product which makes everyone feel more invested in the company – even when they don’t win.

It’s the act of being included, and having to take action on entering a promotional contest, that keeps people engaged and increases the odds that they’ll buy something from you.

Remodeling companies do this all the time. They might air a commercial that tells people they can win a new house full of windows, or a new door, or new siding. Then, collect names and phone numbers so that they can have a salesman come out to pitch the company’s products.

Some people will buy and, if the homeowner wins, then the company refunds the homeowner. If the homeowner doesn’t win, well then they still got the new windows they needed anyway.

Try to do the same thing in your business. If the people on your email list need your products or services, offer to give one lucky winner a prize. Meanwhile, collect names and phone numbers of people whom you can call back and sell.

Or, use a promotional product that’s unrelated to your business to generate interest in your brand.

Darrell Gonzalez has earned his stripes in marketing over a number of years in senior positions. He enjoys the chance to impart his wisdom and advice online. He has already written a number of interesting articles aimed at the business community.

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