How to Perform Customer Experience Measurement

Thinking about ways of customer experience measurement to figure out if you are doing your job right or not? Well then this article is definitely going to help you. While trying to figure out new ways of customer experience measurement remember that it is not all about customer satisfaction. Not many people know this but measuring the user experience is a pretty wide horizon.

Thinking from Customer’s View Point:

The best way of customer experience measurement is to put yourself into your customer’s shoes and thinking from their view point. For example if you have your own e commerce website then you should try searching for some item, add it to the cart, apply a coupon code and make arrangements for payments on your own website, to check out how the whole thing is working out for the customers. After you are completed with the procedure ask yourself did you as a customer fully enjoy the experience. These crucial questions will give you a better idea in measuring the user experience. You can map satisfied and dissatisfied user feedbacks and search for a pattern to find out what works better. As for scoring customer experience you can do so, on the basis of customer segment or experience channel. The most important criteria to consider in customer experience measurement include branding, ease of use, channel consistency, efficiency, level of convenience, etc.

Taking the required measures:

Following are a few ways to get a clear idea about what kind of experience your customers are getting. The following measures can also be termed as the emotional measure of customer experience:

  • Customer satisfaction is the first factor in this section. Focus groups and surveys will help you to gather information on customer experience measurement. Employee feedback on customers can also help you in measuring the user experience. You can also consult your sales associates, agents in contact centers and branch employees regarding how customers are behaving and what they are saying.
  • Positive and Negative Feedbacks: If customers are unhappy with your product or service, they will tell it to everyone but not your company. You should check out the complaint and review websites on a daily basis to find out if you are given kudos for your job or if serious complaints have been lodged against your products or services. This will help you to gain insight into the actual experience of a customer.
  • Loyalty of customers should also be checked. It can be checked with the help of customer turnover rate. You should know what percentage of customers stick by your side in both good and bad times. The loyal customers are a direct indication that you are doing it right. Customers only become loyal when you give them an extraordinary experience.
  • If you are big brand like Apple or BMW then the whole process of customer experience measurement becomes very easy. You can simply use your brand appeal in measuring the user experience.

Some practical measures of customer experience include elements like completion rate, results, time to resolution and user interface.

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