Financial Small Business CRM


The Financial small business CRM is an integrated system to manage the relationships with the clients that help the support and sales department to attract new clients and to extend the sales with the existing ones. In the conditions in which the operational costs are smaller, and the services offered are of quality, it is important to offer good services of this type.

The financial CRM offers instruments and functionalities that are required to create and maintain a clear image on the clients since the first contact, to the ulterior acquisitions and post sales services. With the help of sales modules, marketing and client services, the CRM offers a rapid and flexible solution that guarantees considerable improvements for ach business process. With this solution, you can create tighter connections with clients, and you can reach new levels of profitability.

Even in the case of companies with complex processes. The CRM offers easy to use functionalities, allowing you to opt for the way your marketing and sales departments manage clients. This way, those departments are able to attract new clients with ease. The marketing campaigns are easily administrated, and the sales processes are considerably improved.

Why would you choose the Financial Small Business CRM?

The program offers a strong instrument for employees from the front and back office, and also detailed information in real time. Those can be used with cloud storage from any computer in the world, allowing employees to have access to important data whenever they need it. This way, when a sales officer needs to present something to a client, he can use the tablet or a laptop to access the important presentations.

The interaction processes with clients are improved. This means that the relationship with the client is made in real time. With rules and alerts, the users can access superior levels with a rules generator, and it even allows the employees with no technical notions to create and coordinate complex business rules.

Small business CRM innovates the process of taking decisions, making sure that all the employees follow the same rules and the best practices, when it comes to customer relationship management.

On the long term, the company will benefit of faster growing, the productivity is also increased, and the costs with employees are reduced, even if their effectiveness is bigger.

The management modules of such systems allow easy web services that make the CRM functionalities easy to expand to the entire company, to include all the channels of interaction with clients. The programs can be implemented fast, without affecting the rest of the company’s processes, so the negative impact will be reduced to minimum. If you also have an ERP program, this can be easily integrated with the small business CRM, so the company would benefit of a complete monitoring solution.

Where are the CRM used

For a small business, the implementing costs might be too big, but a small company might not require the entire program. Certain sales modules can be implemented fast and easy, and as soon as those would bring results for the firm, the money can be used to add new modules or to improve the previous ones. This way, the impact on the company’s finances will not be so great on the short term, and the results will appear based on the resources of the firm. For the start, the firm will not even need an IT department, as one or two people with some good computer notions can manage it. Even if the program grows and it can’t be managed by simple employees, it is possible to outsource the management of the small business CRM, preferably with the company that implemented it.


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