Expert search engine optimization techniques to watch out for in 2015

As search engines keep evolving, internet marketers should continuously improve their skills to keep up with their best efforts. According to recent reports, 75% of the links on which the users click are due to SEO. Inbound leads also cost 61% less than the outbound leads, which come due to cold calling. Not only that, SEO also has a better ROI rate as the SEO leads have a 15% close rate while outbound leads have a 1,8% close rate. Although there are innumerable algorithm updates to refresh the strategies and bring about a change in the focal point of the marketers, yet there are some SEO tips and tricks that you should take into account in order to get best results.

  1. Don’t emphasize on keyword rankings but on ROI: When you simply rank in the search engine results due to the keywords, that doesn’t ensure that your SEO efforts have emerged successful. Did you know that keyword ranking reports can also be made to seem attractive and there are numerous SEO companies that will target low competition keywords only to show their number 1 rank? Hence, you should always put stress on the ROI that has been generated through your efforts and not only on the keyword rankings.
  2. Content should be like assets: Despite the fact that there have been a number of algorithm updates through the last few years, there’s one thing that has never changed. Inbound links are still the highest authority of trust and this isn’t going to change in the time to come. Apart from this, creating content that acts as assets for the website is also vital. Include infographics into the content to earn more traffic.
  3. Mobile optimized website: Reports and studies have predicted that mobile traffic will exceed desktop traffic and the latter would never again be able to defeat the former in the coming years. Google has always made it clear for the users that responsive websites offer the best user-experience. In fact, now there is a designation in the search results against all those websites that are mobile-friendly according to Google. If you’re not sure about the status of your website, you can run it through the Google’s mobile-friendly test and check yourself.
  4. Focus on social media engagement: Majority of the small businesses create a profile in every social media site and start sharing their content. Social media has indeed become a legitimate marketing channel for the web marketers. However, you should note that instead of trying to be present in all social media channels, you can try and get engaged in the most active and helpful ones. This will generate more leads, increase sales and build a loyal fan following too.

Hence, if you wish to stay on top of the SERPs, you can follow the above mentioned expert search engine marketing tips and techniques. All of them have been predicted by the SEO experts and hence you can expect getting positive results by following them.

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