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Is your favourite game candy crush? Are you addicted to the game but do not know how to clear beyond a certain level? Are you stuck at the most popular unsolvable level in the candy crush saga? If the answers to all these questions are a yes, then you need not worry at all as long as tips and strategies are there to help you pull off this stunt. But before we actually look at the tricks it is important to know what the game is all about.

What is Candy Crush?

Well, candy crush is actually a game that can be well described as a modification of the classic jewel game where the jewels have been replaced by candies and toffees. Much to everyone’s amazement this game hit it with the gamers the instant it was launched and according to popular surveys are actually better than the original jewel game as well. One gets lost in the world of green, yellow, red, orange, and blue candies. The game requires the players exchange the positions of two candies so that as a result there is a vertical or a horizontal match of three or more candies of the same colour. In fact there are even power boosters and other perks which help you to secure more points in the game. However, the twist that comes here is that this game is time bound and not unlimited to play. In a certain amount of time you have to secure maximum scores.

Where is it available?

This game is available in many different sites and applications. It is very popular in social networking sites like Facebook and even android mobile phone applications. It can be downloaded free of cost in your computers and mobile phones as well. It can also be played for as many rounds as you wish to in social networking sites. It has become so addictive that people do not want to take their eyes off it.

Cheat methods:

Like any game, whether it is the conventional board games or online games, this game too has its own tricks and strategies to pass a level and secure more points. These cheats and other techniques are easily found on internet. This is one such site wherein you can easily get the applications that help you to learn ways of clearing all levels and emerging as a winner in the game. This site lets you download the cheat’s application in your mobile phones or the computer free of cost. Also, it is a protected site and a virus free one; hence there is no danger of virus attacks. is a site where every candy crush addict must go to and learn new methods to progress in their games. Sometimes people are stuck at particular levels; there are also methods to pass such levels in this interesting application. There are many applications on the net like the which promise to provide you with applications that are to help you but many of them are actually virus laden.

Hence, if you have not yet downloaded this application, hurry up and do it!

Author Bio: The author promotes Candy Crush Cheats and makes the gamers aware of applications through which they can download tips and tricks to win a game.

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