Comparing Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is becoming a popular solution for the system management of both small- and large-scale companies. If you, too, are planning to adopt this technology, the first thing to do is to know your options. There are three types of cloud computing solutions to choose from, and they all have their own pros and cons. Depending on the data you save and process, as well as your needs, one particular method may work better for you than another.

Public Cloud Computing

The first type of cloud computing solution to select from is public cloud. With this option, you are getting the service of a third-party provider to install and maintain your system, which is available through the Internet. This is the cheapest solution and the most convenient one, as there is no need to maintain the system on your end. There is no need to hire additional IT personnel, and there is also no need to ask for the help of your IT department for every concern that you may have with the system. Plus, you only pay for what you use, and you can upgrade or discontinue if you wish to.

More people can access it, as the users are not limited to the number of computers that are connected to the network running the system. This is especially convenient for those who always need access to the data and those who collaborate on various projects. However, it does not provide the best security, as it is accessible on the web. Furthermore, it is not customized for the company, so it may not serve all its needs. This system of cloud computing can be restrictive for larger organisations but is an ideal option for businesses which are smaller and therefore may have a restricted budget.

Private Cloud Computing

A private cloud is created specifically for the company. Your cloud is as open as you want it to be. It can be maintained by the IT department of the business or by the third party over the Internet. If you want more control and top security, you may go for one that is hosted locally. But if you require privacy with the convenience of having a third party maintain the system, you may go for one that is hosted by a provider. While you can be assured that your data is safe, this is more expensive since it is customized to the business’s needs. However, this is an option where personal data protection is of a premium.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

The third option which you should consider is hybrid cloud computing. This is a combination of a private and public cloud. This is the best solution for those who would like to enjoy the benefits and the convenience of public cloud computing and the security of private cloud computing. Sensitive data that requires high security can be processed under the private cloud. Other data can then be placed in the public cloud that is hosted by the third-party provider. This offers more flexibility and customization; reacting to the demands of the business on a daily basis is best suited to this type of cloud.

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