A Guide to iOS Software Controls

For an operating system, controls are the elements included in the user interface that are available for different functions that include viewing or getting an information, and action performing or interaction purpose. With the release of the new version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 7, almost all the software controls have been updated in terms […]

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Managing your Manager

Whether you’re an employee, manager or the CEO, working relationships can be sensitive areas to manage at times. Taking the power balance into account, it can be difficult to communicate effectively with managers, especially when they’re hovering over your shoulder all the time. It can be hard to get things done with an overbearing manager […]

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Do outsourcing companies have a significant impact on a business?

There is an increased dependency on outsourcing companies by most organizations. This has been occasioned by the overall reduced costs incurred in running organizations. A huge number of outsourcing agreements are signed from the necessity to achieve greater results. Below are the main advantages experienced by companies’ seeking outsourcing services from professional companies. Improved technology […]

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