5 Tips to Help You Create a Great Homepage for Your Small Business

With any business, the first impression you give your potential customers is the most important one. Small businesses can take advantage of this fact by gaining new customers and influencing them about their brand. In the modern digital environment, most people will get their first glimpse of your organization solely through your business’ homepage. Unlike the rest of your website, your homepage is the first thing that is seen when a user goes to your web address. Here are five tips to help you create an effective and attractive homepage for your business.

1. Match Your Homepage to Your Brand Identity

One easy design tip to help you get started with the overall theme of your website and homepage is to match the look to your current brand identity. Choose similar shades or coordinating colors to begin the process of making your homepage. Mirror the font style and appearance when creating links and the navigation menu. If you have an identity but no signature look in mind, do targeted online searches for example websites with a similar brand style or tone.

2. Grab the Visitor’s Attention With a Unique Look

Your main homepage is the entry point into your website, and if potential customers like what they see at first, they may be more likely to keep checking out the rest of your site. If you run an e-commerce website, that may mean more revenue. Use original images that are clear and at a high resolution. Have some sort of unique look, creative layout, or different navigation that gets your users’ attention and keeps them interested in what you offer to the general public.

3. Avoid Using Too Many Features With the Design

While fresh and innovative designs and features can bring a little cool factor to your homepage, you need to know when to say enough. Putting too many bells and whistles on your website’s front page design can be a turn off instead of an attractant. You could increase the website’s loading time, which may lead to users abandoning your site for a competitor.

4. Keep Your Homepage Updated With Events and News

Small business homepages can also benefit from timely news and updates using widgets that link directly to your social media pages. They can keep your homepage visitors informed about important events and happenings with your company. Many of these tools allow you to automatically update your homepage without doing any work. With small business website design, the key is to look for innovative and effective solutions and partner with a vendor like web.com to make these ideas into reality.

5. Make Sure Your Design Is Mobile-Friendly

You also must consider your homepage’s mobile layout when making design decisions. If your site’s mobile look is clunky or takes too long to load, you’ve got to go back to the drawing board. The most effective homepages are just as accessible from a mobile device as they are on a desktop computer.

The importance of your small business’ homepage is critical to your organization’s success. When you run a company that has limited access to resources, you’ve got to use technology and your online web presence effectively to compete with the others.


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